Earth Angels

(Excerpt from the June 2012 issue of ‘Insight’ magazine)
In a very dry and isolated region of Maharastra, India, Anne Godfrey and her husband Bruce Johnson began a ten-year journey of discovery. The couple had moved to this area to dedicate their lives to teaching organic farming and ancient Vedic practices called Homa Therapy. Coming from the comfortable lifestyle of Sydney, where Anne had worked successfully as an independent fashion designer, the shock of arriving in the almost desertlike region would have sent most people back home on the first available flight. But Anne and Bruce are made of sturdier stuff and stayed on to build a beautiful oasis called Tapovan in the Jalgaon District of India. Continue reading “Earth Angels”

Mission Statement

  • to inspire women to make positive changes in their lives.
  • to foster opportunities for women to bring about their own economic empowerment.
  • to spread hope, love, joy, abundance, and harmony through creative and ethical enterprise.