Working with Rose Circles

Hi, my name is Suwindi and I’ve been spending a six month stint in India with Rose Circles. 

To witness first hand what is trying to be attempted here has been both inspirational and educational.  I can’t express sufficiently how much my life has improved by simply being involved with this project.

As a female who has grown up in the cultural west (Australia) and in a loving and accepting family, I never knew just how lucky I was until I came here and found women who had never had the freedoms or riches I had.  I didn’t realise how free I was!

Rose Circles is attempting to give light, comfort, acceptance, community, and economic self sufficiency to women from marginalized rural parts of India.  It is a project started by Anne Godfrey (originally from Australia) who has worked with rural women for many years and has been inspired by that experience to create a project for women, supported by women.  To make a step towards a more confident and loving environment for women worldwide. 

This is not just a project to bring awareness of the plights of poverty and disease stricken women in India, this is a project to bring awareness of the plights of all women world wide.  To bring women together in the spirit of sharing, giving meaning, serving each other by listening, being and empathising.  Too often women are taught to be competitive, distrustful, and belittling of each other.  A Rose Circle can break down those unhealthy patterns and bring about a new kind of communication, one of sisterhood and support.

Thank you for reading and I hope this in some way inspires you to start a Rose Circle of your own.



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